How to create your own wordlist to be used in FÖR KORT

A wordlist is just a txt file that's saved in UTF-8 format and is openly accessible somewhere on the web.

For an example, right-click this link and choose "Save link as".

The txt file you now have is an example wordlist for Skolverket. Each line is laid out as follows:

ABBREVIATION=Definition [Extra information]

The part inside the square brackets is optional and will not show up in the quiz.

Just make your wordlist in the same way, save it as UTF-8 and put it somewhere on the web.

Then, from inside the FÖR KORT app, select ORD and then the settings cog-wheel icon.

In the red settings page, write in the URL of your wordlist. As soon as it's correct, the LADDA button will become active.

Click on LADDA to upload your wordlist. And you're ready to go!

At any time, click ÅTERSTÄLLA to return to the app's built-in wordlist.

Any qustions? Send them to Paddy at InnovationsCenter