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How does our christmas tree in AR work?

  1. Go through the three steps on our Christmas tree website and create a QR code. Download the QR code on your device.
  2. Send or share the QR code (picture) by message or post the picture on social media.
  3. Those who get the QR code (printed or on a screen) can now scan it with their phone.
  4. If asked, allow the browser to use your camera.
  5. Point the camera at the QR code.

What is a QR code?

The word QR comes from the initials of Quick Response.


What is AR?

AR comes from the words Augumented Reality


Where is the virtual tree placed? Marker?

There are 3 ways to position virtual objects in AR:

  • On a geographic location (longitude och latitude)
  • On a given image or logo (marker)
  • Let the user select the position by themselves

Our soluition is based on the marker method.

The camera will try to find this marker in the picture and as soon as it identifies it, it will place the virtual object on it.

We use the following picture as our "marker"

Kanji Marker

Why does the tree sometimes shake?

We use open source technology and it has some limits on what is possible to do. The tree might shake a bit because it detects tiny vibrations from the hand holding the phone. Try to place the phone firmly on a table and the tree will stop shaking.

What is Digitalt Innovationscenter?

Digitalt Innovationscenter / (Digital Innovation Center) is a part of the Swedish Public Employment Service.

We work with innovative projects around the future of Employment in Sweden.

Why have we done this?

We believe AR will be part of everyday life for everyone. From visiting a museum to shopping online. Maybe soon you will even present your CV in AR.

We see many possible scenarios for AR and we wanted to start exploring the area.

We needed a simple project to get us starting and since it is Christmas we thought this was a good starting point.

What technology have we used?

The solution is built on open source code in HTML,CSS and JavaScript. The solution is completely client based.

Source code is available on GitHub.